Delilah (DeeDee) Shank
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From when she first appeared on stage at Fairview High School’s auditorium as Mrs. Savage in “The Curious Savage”,  many people knew that Delilah (DeeDee) Shank was destined to entertain. DeeDee has compiled so many wonderful works over the last 40 some years and in doing so the Class of ‘67 honors her as the first classmate to be added to the Third and Main page, of the Class of ‘67 website that  showcases classmates talents . Congratulations Madam Delilah.



Third & Main – the energy hub of our travels through Fairview’s hallways
day in and day out. The place where we caught up with our friends to
share the latest news or gossip. The place where we bought “The Tower
News” to keep abreast of our very active social calendar. The best place
to hand off a note to your significant other and the easiest place to
hand off the test results from your morning class, hoping that your
friend fares better than you.

Third & Main – our newest page in the “” website, a
page that offers our writers, actors, musicians, and artists the
opportunity to display their creative crafts and talents. A place for
sharing just like we did in the sixties.
Envision the artist sharing their work in every medium possible and hues
of a vivid imagination as they bare their souls and display their
creations for all of us to admire. Imagine the actress sharing video of
her latest casting, complete with a song and dance routine. What if our
musicians shared their favorite performance of that tender song they
composed, the one that reaches deep into our hearts as we watch their
instruments boldly tell their story? The writers and poets have so much
to express from the depth of their hearts and the core of their inner
beings in each piece of work they create. Each one sharing their talents
with us, the Class of ’67, one of the most gifted classes to come out of
Fairview High School.

Third & Main – are you ready to share your talents and creations with
us? We’re ready for you…

Leave us a note, tell us what you want to share and we’ll do all the rest

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