Is your memory of Fairview still vivid?  At times do you feel like you could reach out and the grand old lady would be as she was in the 1960s?

Rediscover her and learn more about Fairview than you may have known during your four years there.  A new book is now available about Fairview High School that has been in the making for a number of years.  Understanding (Fairview High School, 1960s, Dayton, Ohio) is hardback, full color, 102 pages with 200 images.  Take a giant step back and have an in-depth conversation with Fairview.  Enjoy images that may be fading from your mind.  Understand her.

Written by Dan Wolfe, Class of 1965, this book is a definite keepsake!  Layout and design by Jeri Jones Bland, ‘66.  Photos were taken by Charles Schommer, ’44; Tom McLefresh, ’62; Jim Lied, ’62; Robert Hauff, ’63; Dan Wolfe, ‘65 and Jeri Jones Bland, ’66.  Many others also donated photos and memorabilia or responded to the Legacy Project questionnaire.

The book is available to you at cost directly from our online printer.  (NO compensation of any kind goes to any alumni involved with creating this book.)  The printer’s current cost is $48.39 plus shipping.  To order and to view a preview of the book, please click on the printer’s direct link http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/3214610 .  Or view their website at www.blurb.com/bookstore and enter Understanding in the search bar.   IMPORTANT NOTE:  $48.39 is blurb.com’s pricing at the date of this posting and is subject to change without notice.